How to Reupholster a Recliner Chair

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How to Reupholster a Recliner Chair

In every living or sitting room, you are likely to see a recliner. Recliners are preferred by many as they are very comfortable and they come in various styles, colors and sizes. Sitting in a recliner after a long and stressful day can easily help you relieve your stress and enjoy time with your family, friends or pets.

Unfortunately, since recliners are very popular, they tend to easily become damaged and show signs of wear and tear even if you regularly clean or take care of it.

In order to keep them looking as good as new, reupholstering is a preferred option for recliners showing signs of damage. However, asking someone to do the job for you costs a lot of money, especially if the damage is too great and requires a lot of precision.

Nowadays, there are tutorials and videos which can help recliner users reupholster their favorite chairs on their own.

Although recliners today vary in shapes, sizes and colors, they have a similar structure that allows you to reupholster your chair in ease. Recliners have a seat, backrest, arm and footrests, and they are connected together to a base.

If you look carefully at your recliner, you will notice that it is very to remove each component from the base with simple tools.

Here are the steps you need to follow when reupholstering your recliner chair.

Prepare the tools you will need

In reupholstering your favorite recliner, you will need a screw driver (flat), Philips screw driver, adjustable wrench, measuring tape, heavy-duty scissors, staple gun and straight pins.

Select your fabric and preferred stuffing

After you ensure you have the tools you need, it is important you choose the fabric you want to use for your recliner and know how much you need. You should remember that each type of fabric varies when it comes to its benefits and how well it will work with your recliner.

If you pick a cotton fabric, for example, it will be versatile and work with any recliner. However, it can wrinkle after extensive use. If you choose a vinyl fabric, it is not very comfortable to sit on despite the fact it is easy to clean and very inexpensive.

Use a measuring tape to measure just how much fabric you will use. It is important to remember to leave extra fabric for tucking and seaming the fabric in place. Normally, recliners need 8 to 12 yards of fabric for the upholstery.

In terms of the stuffing, make sure you pick either foam or polyester batting. Foam is often used to help your recliner look smoother. Batting is sometimes used together with foam to help stabilize the fabric you are using.

Remove the parts of your recliner from the base

To start the reupholstering process, you need to make sure your recliner is in an upright position. This position will allow you to find the screws or clips that hold the recliner together.

Start removing the back portion of your recliner, then the seat cushion and the arm and footrests.

Remove the original fabric

When reupholstering your recliner, it is optional you remove the original fabric in every part of your recliner if you want it to look uniform. However, if the fabric you selected can blend well with the original fabric, you can retain the fabric.

In order to remove the original fabric from your recliner, you can use a seam ripper to make the job easier. Use the original fabric as a guide to trace your new fabric for each part of your recliner.

Attach the new fabric using a staple gun

Once you have the new fabric cut for each part you want to reupholster, its time you staple it to the piece using a staple gun. Make sure you staple in the center of each side of the recliner piece, then slowly work on the corners.

You can fold the fabric and staple it to make sure the piece is well-covered.

Glue extra pieces on the reupholstered part

In some cases, recliners have cardboard pieces which holds the fabric in place. Staple guns are not suitable for this kind of job as it can create tears to the fabric.

Use a hot glue gun to add the fabric to the piece and ensure it is dried completely before reassembling the recliner.

Recreate the tufted parts of your recliner (optional)

If you want to give your recliner a tufted look, you can cover the buttons on your new upholstery and place them in key areas. Sew the buttons in their location with the help of an upholstery needle and thread.

Reassemble the entire chair

Once you have reupholstered your entire recliner, reassemble the chair. Make sure each screw is tight and the reupholstered pieces fit together.

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